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    Web Sites
    ASP » Web Sites

   has Tutorials, Code Samples, Tips/Tricks, FAQ, and many Resource listings. If you're learning ASP.Net, run, don't walk, to this site!

            WebtriX Technologies Ltd. - Shareware

    WebtriX Technologies is a global provider of the following services. We also have a range of ready software to take care of almost any need. If you have specific requirements, we will be glad to custom build your solution. Our complete range of services include Web and Graphic design Logos and corporate identity design Web Application design Multimedia and animation Enterprise software Web Education content development Hosting Services Consultancy Digital Movie Making in the latest Digital Formats for telefilms, digital movies , video albums etc.

   is a directory of ASP resources. Includes applications, scripts, books, tutorials, software. Users can add and view reviews for any resource.

            SpiderSales 2.1 the professional shopping cart - $480

    SpiderSales 2.1 the professional shopping cart solution has been released! Visit our online DEMO stores: BookStore, ComputerStore, ElectronicsStore and MultiStore ( ) Easy to setup, design can be changed in minutes using the Skin Support and the WYSIWYG editor, Inport/Export, open ASP source; MsAccess, MS-SQL or MySQL support. Smart bundle system, statistical charts, smart attributes, multiple prices per product, multishipping, multitaxes, customer & order details; orders history. SSL support, RSA encryption, Full customizable design.

            Dog Tag Programs - ASP - Freeware

    Free access to useful code and snipplets to add into your ASP files.

            InfiniteMonkeys Web Programming Resource

    A Web site covering web development topics in general with a particular leaning towards ASP/JScript.

            Asp Scripts

    All your web needs of asp like toplist script,search engine, faq mentor, guest book, link maker, hit counters, etc. All scripts are free to use under liscence agreement.


    Our applications use ASP scripting and are built entirely in DreamweaverMX. Dreamweaver users have complete control to customize and extend ALL the application pages using dreamweaver. All applications include pre-configured MS Access database & "built-in" content administration pages. Simply upload the files to your ASP enabled web server and your ready to add/edit/delete content through a content administration page. Pass this functionality on to your clients so they can make changes to their website quickly and easily themselves.

   is dedicated to serve all web developers to find best resources. We are not only interested in ASP or .NET, you can find tons of real sources about all developing languages and technologies. You can find more events, news articles and products about Java, Perl, PHP, XML.

            ActivXperts Software

    WMI samples, all written in VBScript. More than 100 different WMI classes are demonstrated. Examples for all different kinds of devices and software, like processor information, disk space, event log, memory, fan, bios, battery, network adapter, network protocol, floppy drive, printer, usb, sound card, users, groups, and so on.


    DevBuilder is a developer forum for all developer, and also offers articles, scripts and everything you could think of. Not limited to ASP, Java, JavaScript, Mac, Window, Linux and so on.

            Rod The Robot - Free

    Put your database online with 'Rod the Robot'. He's an online programmer who will generate ASP scripts for you instantly and for free. Ideal for web designers who aren't programmers. Very easy to use - just tell Rod the field names and types plus the table and database name and push the 'Go' button. Then 'copy and paste' the scripts straight to your web editor.


    An online resource for web developers where you can find references to HTML, ASP, browser and database material. You can post or reply to a thread in the forum or check the FAQ. Online documentation can be found in the articles section and you may also submit your own article.

            Octane Scripts - Free

    Octane design offer free scripts for the public as well as cheap hosting and design. Scripts include news systems, counters, stats programs, and other scripts.

            FrontGates Dev

    FrontGates Dev is a Mailer/Website that consists of ASP scripts, Chatroom, web-enabled instant messenger, forum, "add your suggestion(s)" list, Who's Online?, user profiles with photo upload enabled, Index Server-enabled Search Engine, Source Viewer to view source codes of any current file, as well as web-enabled bookmarks on site for your convenience.

            Hollibush.Com Portal

    Here you will find information and tips for the ASP Portal. We have come to really like the Portal and want to develop it in to a great portal system. Brian Gannon (the Author of The original scripts) put a lot of effort into his work. What we do is take his work and see if we can modify it or add to it, to make it a more robust system.

   was designed with the sole intent of assisting you in learning to use active server pages. By utilizing a mix of free tutorials, fully functional ready to use cut and paste scripts, as well as wizards to generate code ready to use, it will make learning to write and use asp quick and easy.

            FreeFall Soft

    A small group of developers specializing in ASP, Visual Basic, and more. Can create custom applications to meed the needs of businesses, both large and small. You may receive free ASP support (or support for any other language) through its forums.


    A site dedicated to offering high quality ASP web applications at discount rates.

            Paco's Own Scripts

    This site offers many online wizards to get you on your way to asp. Build pages interactively, search the tutorials and learn the art of building active server pages.

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