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            CodeThatBuilder - Freeware

            Visual Color-Picker for Webdesigners

    Color-Picker 1.3 simplifies the color-selection for font-colors and background-colors. Use drag-technology, hexadecimal values or RGB-values to determine the most eyecatching color-combinations for your webpages. Internet Explorer 5x/6x.

            XP Web Buttons for Windows

    XP Web Buttons enables you to produce stunning looking buttons and navigation bars for your web pages with ease. It generates all button images, Javascript and HTML code on the fly, so you don't need any additional graphics or rogramming skills, and you'll get instant results. The buttons are fully customizable, they react to mouseover and mousedown events, support any XP themes, font face, font style, shadows, icons, alignment, links, targets, tooltips and more.

            Tigra Menu Builder Win32

    Tigra Menu Builder for Windows is free application that helps to create cross-browser DHTML navigation systems. No JavaScript programming skills are required to build responsive, professionally looking drop down menus using this rapid development tool


    Cross-browser and cross-platform DHTML menu, featuring keyboard shortcuts, CSS skins, unlimited menu depth, horizontal or vertical display, context menus, timeouts and more! The menu is defined in plain HTML as nested lists, as opposed to pure JavaScript setup that is used in most menus. This, asides for being friendly to search engines, has the advantage of being extremely easy to generate (even dynamically) and degrades even to non-JavaScript browsers. This is the last DHTML menu that you'll ever want to use.

            Sothink DHTMLMenu - Free Trial/$35

    Sothink DHTMLMenu helps web designers on creating professional dynamic pop-up menu without writing a single line of JavaScript code. It doesn't require the designer to have any DHTML or JavaScript experience. The menu generated by Sothink DHTMLMenu is compatible with almost all available web browsers so the designers can be free of taking care about the browser compatibility problems. And the menu code has been tested on Mac, Linux and Windows platforms. It also supports to work with Dreamweaver and FrontPage integratedly.

            Coalesys WebMenu Studio - Free Trial/$65

    Design a DHTML pop-up menu that is supported in IE 4+, Netscape 4+, Mozilla 1 and Opera 7 tested on Windows, Mac and Linux. DHTML features include a horizontal/vertical MenuBar, drag & dock ability, scrollable groups, client-side events, custom page integration with client-side functions, .js files based on browser type and quick load times. The design application provides an intuitive layout, on-the-fly preview mode, local and server path options and fast compiling. Saved projects are also compatible with optional ASP and ASP.NET server-side objects to allow expansion into other programming environments.

            Neonix TD Rollover - $10.00

    Neonix TD Rollover is a Dreamweaver Extension that lets you apply rollovers to table cells. Useful when you want to create a toolbar where each link is in a table cell and you want to have the table cell's background color change when you mouseover it. You can create two kinds of rollovers- an "Instant Rollover", where the table cell background is swapped for the rollover color or a "Fade Rollover", where the table cell fades into the rollover color. No need to mess around with HTML, JavaScript or CSS.... Neonix TD Rollover does everything for you! Its interface lets you control the following: - Create a new TD Rollover - Specify the color of the TD Rollover - Specify the link of the TD Rollover - Specify the type of rollover- "Instant" or "Fade" - Manage existing TD Rollovers on a page: - View a list of all TD Rollovers in your document - Sorting - view all members of the list in the order they appear in your source or alphabetically - Remove any TD Rollover - Change any TD Rollover's settings - no need to click around to find it first

            PanelBar Studio - Free Trial/$65

    Create a DHTML Outlook-style navigation bar for any website using a visual development environment. The live Preview window shows each change instantly. When compiled, the javascript source code is separated into individual browser compatible files so visitors to your site download only the relevant file, saving bandwidth. Supports Microsoft IE 4-6, Netscape 4-7, Mozilla 1.x, and HTML 3.2 running on Windows, Mac and Unix.

            WinScripter - $14.95

    WinScripter is a WYSIWYG (

            NetSyndic - Freeware

    NetSyndic is a program that allows you to syndicate your articles to other websites while still maintaining control over the content of your articles. The other websites get to display your article on their site, but any time you need to change your article (such as to update it), you can simply correct the master copy on your site and the syndicated copies displayed on the other websites will automatically reflect your changes. It works by converting your articles into a JavaScript.

            Scripting Modules - $19.95

    The Scripting Modules are an advanced sequel to WinScripter v1.0 and provide a much higher degree of script customization, speed and greater support for CSS, DHTML, Javascript and HTML. Additionally, the program includes nearly twice the number of script generators (70) as well as a number of new and dynamic features providing you with total control over script creation. All scripts come with a built-in demo and an extensive help system accessible from within individual modules. Absolutely no programming experience is required and any script you create can be previewed in real-time.

            Frameless Popup Maker - $19.95

    Frameless Maker creates copy-and-paste code for frameless windows which have no titlebar or frame. Includes full screen, pop-up, pop-under, and multiple windows. Quickly and easily customize position, size, and many other features of window configuration and the launch options. Automatic interlocks prevent configuration errors and improper combinations. Testing of the actual script, in a real Internet Explorer frameless window, is likewise just a button-push within the application. Easy to use, even for newcomers to JavaScript.

            PopUp Maker - Free Demo/$29.97

    PopMaker is a code generator that takes the drudgery out of *reliably* making popup window code. Veterans coders will appreciate this well-done utility; and newcomers to JavaScript coding just plain love it. It does more than just make the code -- it also opens and tests the window, live, so you can see the results as you work. No more endlessly revising and fiddling with your popup window code, and no more sitting there at three in the morning trying to figure out where you missed a comma or blew a quote mark.

            Image Roll-Over Maker - $19.95

    With Image Roll-Over Maker, now you can make image roll-overs with a single, easy button push. Fill in a few simple details, and hit the Make Code button -- and your image roll-over shows in a real IE window so you can try it out and test it. Hit the Copy Code button to put the code in your clipboard, then paste it into your page where you want the roll-over to appear. Supports multiple mouseover images, and automatic image preloading is included in the generated code.

            PopUpNow! popup maker - 29.95

    PopUpNow! is a tool which allows you to make popup windows for your webpages easily,in a few seconds.PopUpNow! generates all the JavaScript code so you don't need to write it yourself anymore.Just some mouse clicks and your popup will be ready to go. You can preview your Popup at any moment to fit it to your needs,personalize every aspect of the window and decide how and when will be showed your popup.

            JavaScript Code Improver - free

    JavaScript Code Improver is an easy-to-use utility that makes the JavaScript code in your Web pages well-structured and easily comprehensible thus saving the time you spend on editing, debugging and modifying it. The program features the multilingual interface and support for drag-n-drop operations, and can handle JavaScripts embedded in the Web pages as well as stored in standalone .js files.

            ScrollBar Styler - $34.95/Free Demo

    ScrollBar Styler is a software tool that generates and tests CSS style and JavaScript code for colored, flat-style, custom, and multi-color blinking scrollbars. Useful for styling your page and building eye-grabber scrollbar effects. Easy to use.

            jsGuard: JavaScript protection system. - n/a

    The JSGuard protection system encode JavaScript source code and does not allow to download source code from the server. It is not 100% safe but actual time to hack the system is very close to script development time. The system works on IE and NS platforms. We did not test it on others. If you are interesting in using this protection system or have questions and suggestions please do not hesitate to contact us.

            Site Capture - Free Demo/$29.97

    Site Capture is an easy-to-use utility that automatically creates a specialized type of frameset. It captures any page you specify -- and regardless of the url of that page, only the address of the frameset, a title you specify, and status bar information you enter, shows in the browser when a visitor sees the page. Especially useful if your pages are on a "free server" or a server with only an IP number -- but you want your referrer domain to show in the browser.

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